Property Auctions

Bidding at Auction need not be daunting or intimidating.

Most auctioneers are predictable in their style in order to lull bidders into feeling secure. They also make efforts to create pressure and excitement so that an immediate sale may be secured under the gavel.

But if you are able to read the auctioneer, size up the other bidders, and know when and how to bid, then you have a clear and distinct advantage.

Auction Bidding Service

We can bid on your behalf at the Auction. We make bidding at Auction an enjoyable, almost effortless and stress free experience.

Auction Bidding Fee

The Auction Bidding Fee of $440 inclusive of GST includes –

  1. Auction attendance
  2. Bidding
  3. Auction success
  4. Any negotiations on the day before the Auction
  5. Any negotiations on the day of the Auction, if the property is passed in
  6. Any negotiations on the day after the Auction, if the property is passed in

Our Service Guarantee

We want you to be absolutely delighted and completely satisfied with our service. If you are not, then please email or write to us within two business days after the Auction, and let us know.

Your complaint is a gift. We will refund the auction bidding fee in full within 2 business days – Unconditionally.

We are a 100% privately owned boutique Buyers Agent.

Another reason why our service is exceptional and our professional fees extremely competitive – we have to,
because it is in the best interest of our clients.